Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Performance Disclosure

-67.256% ytd

Why in the world would I share such a thing?  It could be that I am feeling froggy from making .8 bps yesterday, but it is more so that I can provide the context of what I share here as I reveal some personal psychology.

The performance also is the reason for my trading plan overhaul.  Several unprofitable practices have been identified and hopefully eliminated.  This loss has occurred completely within Q3, so hopefully Q4 will show how well my changes are progressing.  Meanwhile, For me August cannot end fast enough so that I can close those losses and maybe see some black in the ledger again (even if it is an itemized q4 report).

That being said, I am not giving up on Q3 and will continue to operate with as much success as possible, moving cautiously.


  1. Ouch thats a rough loss.
    Is that since your reboot or does that include other activities within Q3?

    1. That is since the reboot, however, it was part of a now abandoned trade model. I will get into some grissly details in a post.